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The 2012 E.S.L. Finals

As winners of the 2011 ESL Finals, The Netherlands had the opportunty to host the 2012 ESL Finals. However, the Dutch decided to open up the organisation to other countries as well and are organising an open bid. The outcome of the vote is that the 2012 ESL Finals will be held in Moorsele - Belgium.

Registration for the ESL Finals is now opened. Teams can enter directly by completing an online entry form before August 17th. As there is no limit on the number of teams taking part, teams can register directly with the organisers. This also means that teams in countries that do not have a league, can register directly. However, check first with your country's ESL representative if you are eligible to take part in the ESL Finals according to the selection criteria of your country.

The link to the entry form is: www.pcv.be/esl2012.

If you want further information, you can contact the organiser directly via email.

Part 1: The bids

The bidding process started already in September of 2011 right after the ESL Finals. An open email was sent to a wide range of addressees with the request to put in a bid for organising the 2012 ESL Finals, or, to forward the invitation to skydive centers that might be interested in organising. The closing date for providing a bit is already past and we have had a positive response from 6 different countries.

An overview of the bids in PDF format can be found here.

With these bids the first part of the process is completed.

Part 2: the votes

Now the second part is to start and this is where you as (former) ESL participants can play a role and cast your vote on the bid where you would like the 2012 ESL Finals to take place. Below you can find a link to an online spreadsheet where you can register your vote.

Click on this link to cast your vote.

Final result

The result of the vote is that the ESL Finals will be held in Belgium!

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