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ESL winner of 2006: BelgiumWinners of 2006: Belgium

The divepool of the AAA class is the same as the official divepool established by the International Parachuting Committee. The divepools for the other classes (AA, A and Rookie) are derived from this by gradually reducing the number of blocks in the divepool.

For AA the blocks giving rise to memory (slot switchers, mirroring) have been removed. For the A class also the more difficult blocks have been deleted and for the Rookie class there are no blocks present. A further difference is that the number of sequences drawn per jump is different between the classes.

The resulting divepools are also used by the NSL. This allows us to synchronise competitions not only within Europe, but also with the USA.

In the table below you can find an overview of the various classes:

Class Triple A Double A Single A Rookie
Sequences 5-6 4-5 3-4 3
Randoms all all all all
Blocks all see Single A + 1,11,13-15,18,20,22 2, 4, 6-9, 19, 21 none
Exits all these blocks and all randoms these blocks en all randoms only randoms
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