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E.S.L. Rules

The European Skydiving League is open for all European countries, even if a country does not have its own league. The general rules for the ESL can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

One of the goals of the ESL is to synchronise competitions as much as possible. If you plan to organise a meet and would like to let it run in parallel to other meets, don't hesitate to contact us for possible dates on which other meets are already scheduled, or check the calendar on this site.

The Finals

Any team willing to take part can apply to take part in the Finals. If the country has an ESL representative, then it would be nice to inform the representative of your participation. In fact, for some countries like the UK and the Netherlands, applying for the Finals goes through the ESL representative. Please note that even teams of mixed nationality can take part (see the general rule here above)! Read more on the finals page.

During the ESL Finals normal IPC competition rules apply. However, the meet director may make exceptions to these rules if agreed by the team captains.

ESL winner of 2007: The NetherlandsWinners of 2007: The Netherlands

The Spirit

The Spirit is a trophy awarded at the end of the ESL Finals to the country with the highest score at the Finals. The ranking points (1st place = 10, 2nd place = 8, 3rd-8th place = 6-1 pts) of the best four teams, irrespective of class, per country are added to make up the overall score for a country. This means that in total 4 teams can contribute to this overall score. Read more on the Spirit page.

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The Spirit