About the ESL

The European Skydiving League (ESL) is a cooperation between organisations in various European countries which arranges a series of competitions of 4-way formation skydiving, and VFS since 2019, in each of the participating countries.

The ESL started in 2003 with founding countries Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands and in that September the first Finals were held at Skydivecenter Spa in Belgium. Since then more and more countries have joined and the various classes were synchronised in terms of rules and divepools.

ESL Finals aims to take place towards the end of the season for the majority of European countries and after each country's own Nationals events have occurred, which usually ends up being around September.

We try to synchronise these competitions whenever possible, including the NSL in the United States. The season is then concluded with a finals to which the best teams of each of the countries are invited. This allows teams of all classes to compete in an international setting. 

Norway's delegation at the ESL Finals 2022

The Goal

Taking part in the ESL Final offers skydivers the opportunity to compete at an international level, no matter their position in their own country's league. Here, they can learn and understand the rules of international competition in a slightly more relaxed environment, and do their country proud!

The Finals

Participating countries, either through their own league or from teams who apply themselves, enter the ESL Finals competition in their chosen category and will gain points based on their final ranking. 

Each category is weighted the same so winners in Rookie get the same points as the winners in AAA. The country with the most points, wins! 

As well as medals, the yearned after Spirit Sword is up for grabs.

The winners may host the ESL in their country next year.

If you plan to organise a meet and would like to let it run in parallel to others, don't hesitate to contact us for dates on which other meets are already scheduled.